Master of Science in Management Sciences

1. Human Resource Management (HRM)
2. Finance
3. Marketing


The MS in Management program is designed to develop the intellectual ability of researchers through understanding the academic body of knowledge in the field of Management Sciences with specializations in Human Resource Management, Marketing and Finance. The program is designed to facilitate scholars uncover the classic and recent global and regional body of knowledge and prepare them to generate knowledge and solutions, particularly for local and regional businesses, industry and society. The program is essentially research oriented and focuses on academic research having practical applications in real life. It is primarily suitable for those who want to pursue a career in academia but is also appropriate for those who want to pursue professional careers where advanced data analysis and report writing skills are required. The program can also help candidates evaluate their aptitude, strengths and weaknesses for their candidacy in PhD programs. The MS Program in Human Resource Management (HRM) is designed to prepare students for quality research and analysis in the field of Management. A sound theoretical basis is provided in the general area of Management and in one of the following specialization areas; Strategy & Organization, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship. This is complemented with developing research skills in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The program is aimed at challenging students intellectually and enabling them to make contributions towards the knowledge and practice of Management. The program prepares students for a career in Academia by developing understanding of the current knowledge base in Management and by developing skillset to extend this knowledge base. Universities worldwide, require a Master level degree for entry into their PhD programs. MS degree should facilitate admission in any reputable university for a PhD. Further, Graduates from the MS Management program will be sought after by organizations looking for specialists in a particular field of Management (such as Operations and Supply Chain Management) who can do in-depth analysis to solve practical problems of these organizations.

MS Finance at AU-A&AC is a postgraduate program designed to provide a solid theoretical as well as working knowledge of finance in a global context. This program is designed to prepare the graduates for the challenges in the global and local financial systems by imparting comprehensive knowledge of finance and its multidisciplinary aspects. The program offers students, a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive foundation and subsequent depth in the field. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge with core courses in finance, before they can streamline the degree to their choice of specialization with a range of optional courses, including a number of specifically designed applied courses. Finance as a field has grown tremendously in the last decade. Not only new specializations have emerged but the common body of knowledge required to choose any particular specialization has increased vastly. Keeping this under consideration we designed this program with rigorous course work so that graduates after completion of this program will be well equipped to conduct research or work in the financial industry as practitioners in a broad spectrum of roles.

It is aimed at those students who want to delve further into their understanding of business, management, and allied fields through advanced level research work. This unique program aims at enhancing students’ knowledge and skills regarding management research while broadening their knowledge of Management as a subject and strengthening their critical thinking abilities. It aspires to develop students’ knowledge of Management specializations (Finance, Marketing, HRM) with an emphasis on latest research within their chosen subject domain thus enabling them to apply their knowledge and skills associated with research and to further strengthen these skills through practical research work.


The date of commencement of the program is Fall, 2022.


The MS (Management Sciences) program has the following min objectives:
1. To provide the students with a thorough theoretical understanding of business management concepts and the ability to apply these in practice.
2. Enable students to think critically to analyze and solve business problems and recommend a strategic business decision.
3. To equip students with specialized skills related to various contemporary management issues and suggest innovative solutions through research work.
4. To make our students managers and business leaders of future with the vision, knowledge, creativity, skills, ethics and entrepreneurial ability required to play an effective role within organization and society.


After completion of this program student will be able to:
• Apply knowledge of theory to analyze real and hypothetical issues in different organizations.
• Demonstrate creativity and initiative in the application of knowledge to problem solving, decision making and innovation.
• Identify and apply methods for researching business relate problems.
• Develop managerial attitudes such as drive (initiative), entrepreneurship, leadership willpower and perseverance, self-control and self-motivation.


Minimum 16 years of education in a business related field (MBA/MPA/M. Com /ACMA /ACA/B. Com 4 years’ program) and BBA Hons. 4 years’ program (124-136 Cr. Hrs.) with at least 2.00/4.00 CGPA or equivalent in last-earned degree from HEC Recognized University/Institute. AU-GAT(Gen) at least 60% score OR NTS-GAT(Gen) at least 50% score. This must be passed before the date of admission in MS Program. Candidates who qualify the Admission Test will appear in an interview for final selection


Minimum duration of MS (Management Sciences) is one and half (1.5) year and maximum duration is three (03) years.


Serial No Type of Courses No. of Courses Credit Hrs
1 Core Courses 04 12
2 Electives 04 12
3 Thesis 01 06
Total 09 30

Air University Aerospace and Aviation Campus, Kamra is a sub campus of Air University, Islamabad so 100% following scheme of study approved by the principle seat.

Course Codes Course Title Type Credit Hours


MS 601 Strategic Finance Core 3-0-3
MS 605 Topics in Strategic Marketing Core 3-0-3
Elective 1 Elective 3-0-3
Total Credit Hours 12


Course Codes Course Title Type Credit Hours
MS 701 Research Methods and Techniques Core 3-0-3
MS 603 Issues and Challenges in Management Core 3-0-3
Elective 3 Elective 3-0-3
Elective 4 Elective 3-0-3
Total Credit Hours 12


Course Codes Course Title Type Credit Hours
MS 799 Research Thesis/ Course Work Thesis/Elective 6-0-6
Total Credit Hours 06
Grand Total 30

Elective Courses

Human Resource Management

HR 713 Contemporary Topics in Human Resource Management
HR 714 Strategic HRM: Concepts and Applications
HR 715 Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behavior
HR 723 Staffing and Performance Management
HR 733 Human Resource Development
HR 734 Organizational Development
HR 743 Human Capital Management
HR 744 Development and Retention
HR 745 Knowledge Management & HRIS
HR 746 Leadership and Motivational Skills
HR 761 Legal Systems, Labor Relations, and Regulatory Practices.
HR 762 Corporate Ethics
HR 763 Labor Laws
HR 764 Topics in Conflict and Negotiation Management
HR 771 Quantitative Research Methods in the Human Resource Management
HR 772 HR Analytics: Methods and Applications

Elective Courses


AF 741 Money and Capital Markets
AF 742 Basil I & II
HR 715 Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behavior
AF 743 Corporate Securities and Regulatory Framework
AF 744 Global Asset and Wealth Management
AF 751 Financial Theory
AF 754 Corporate Valuation
AF 755 Corporate Valuation Investment Analysis and Corporate Portfolio Management
AF 756 Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory
AF 761 Financial Risk Management
AF 763 Financial Derivatives
AF 765 International Finance
AF 766 Capital Risk Management
AF 772 Financial Econometrics
AF 773 Empirical Finance
AF 774 Financial Modeling
AF 782 SME and Rural Finance
AF 783 Islamic Banking and Finance
AF 784 Venture Capital and Private Equity

Elective Courses


MK 710 Marketing Strategy and Management
MK 711 Strategic Services Marketing
MK 712 International Marketing
MK 713 Strategies for Emerging Markets
MK 720 Topics in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
MK 721 Sales Management
MK 722 Business to Business Marketing
MK 723 Strategic Brand Management
MK 724 Integrated Marketing Communications
MK 725 Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism Industry
MK 726 Agriculture Marketing
MK 727 Social Media Advertising
MK 728 Digital Marketing
MK 730 The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Theory
MK 731 Topics in Consumer Behavior
MK 732 Consumer Behavior Models
MK 733 Culture and Persuasion
MK 734 Marketing Models
MK 735 Attitudes and Persuasion
MK 740 Distribution & Logistics
MK 750 Product Innovation & Development
MK 760 Customer Relationship Management
MK 770 Behavioral Research in Marketing
MK 771 Marketing Data Mining
MK 772 Bayesian Inference: Methods and Applications
MK 773 Quantitative Research in Marketing: Models and Methods
MK 774 Applied Marketing Analytics

Complete Curriculum of the Program including Course Contents

Serial No Type of Courses No. of Courses Credit Hrs.
1 Core Courses 04 12
2 Electives 04 12
3 Thesis 01 06
Total 09 30

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