Introduction: Department of Aerospace Engineering

The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers MS in Aerospace Engineering (18-Years) degree program for fresh undergrad students, officers of Pakistan Air Force and other Services, Intelligence/Security community, civil servants and CSOs. This program offers advanced courses on strategic studies, along with research opportunities across the spectrum of contemporary strategic issues. Learning and research at Department of Aerospace Engineering is accomplished by highly qualified faculty with unique combination of academic and practitioner experience. The Aerospace Engineer is primarily concerned with the design, analysis, testing, and overall operation of vehicles which operate in air, water, and space. The curriculum is designed to provide the student with an education in the fundamental principles of Aerodynamics, Flight dynamics, Propulsion, Structural Mechanics, Flight Controls, Design, Testing, and Space Technologies Our program prepares students for amicable application of engineering principles, processes and practices to Aerospace systems and their maintenance. We prepare our students to contribute effectively when they have to work as member of an integrated team through effective communication with other team members, supervisors, and clients.

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