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Research Groups

Welcome to the Research Groups of Air University, Aerospace and Aviation Campus Kamra. Each research group has its own theme and interest, comprised of highly qualified faculty and students, working together to enhance the society by advancing knowledge, creating technological, and reality-based solutions of the problems for the industries.

AUAACK Departments has particular groups to improve the process of flight dynamics, robotics, signal processing, aerospace structure, machine learning &Artificial Intelligence, Electronic circuit renewable energy system etc. Whereas, Department of Business Administration is more focused on organizational structure including its governance, attitudes and behaviors.

Our foreign qualified engineering faculty and students are motivated towards to bring innovation in existing systems through their research capabilities, As, AUAACK provides them a very dynamic labs where they can do experiments and can understand the engineering related equipment which they study in theory.

The office has established strong linkages with relevant stakeholders and is in the process of refining a decent chunk of potential business ideas in all academic disciplines by students. AUORIC has successfully secured a good share of research grants from HEC and other research funding organizations like IGNITE, Pakistan Science Foundation, British Council, Ministry of Science & Technology and many other sponsors as well.

Our Department of Business Administration faculty (foreign qualified) and students working together and conducting research to know that how our organizational behaviors and structure is changing from traditional to modern mode, and how organizations can work efficiently and effectively, how leadership changes, what leadership style organizations need, what should be the organizations’ next move to get more output, effective decision making in organizations and that decisions leads to more productivity, enhances organization’s value, image and perception. They provide solutions to the industries as well.

AUORIC has now proudly paved its way to play its part by means of AU innovations to facilitate and take our industry competitiveness up a notch and become the driving force behind research and economic development of Pakistan.

The office also organizes a range of conferences, seminars, workshops and industrial trips that inculcate leadership skills and enforce camaraderie amongst students.

Department of Avionics Engineering

  • Dynamics and Control
  • RF and Signal Processing

Department of Aerospace Engineering

  • Aerospace Structures
  • Aerospace Dynamics

Department of Electrical Engineering

  • Power Systems Research Group
  • Electronics Systems Research Groups
  • Energy Systems Research Groups

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Aerospace Structures
  • Aerospace Dynamics

Department of Computer Science

  • Machine Intelligence Group
  • Cyber Security Group

Department of Business Administration

  • Corporate Governance
  • Organizational attitudes and behaviors

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