Department of Aerospace Engineering
Message from the Chair Department

Welcome to the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

The international security environment continues to evolve bringing new challenges and opportunities for states to adjust their security priorities as per their national power potential. The advent of new technologies has made it further necessary to remain abreast with the emerging technologies and its impact on the national security. At Department of Aerospace Engineering we shall endeavour to offer cross-disciplinary learning approaches that could help our graduates to better analyze the evolving national and international security environment and develop solutions leading to long term and sustainable strategies.

Department of Aerospace Engineering offers competitive and dynamic learning environment where students have the opportunity to interact with senior decision makers which could help them remain abreast with the changing national and international security environment, and to understand the complexities of decision-making processes. Department of Aerospace Engineering also arranges student led discussions on national security issues which is important to inculcate the art of analytical and critical thinking and for grooming the next generation of policy makers.

Some of the career fields available for Aerospace Engineering graduates include the United Nations (UN), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), civil services, thinks tanks, media, government ministries and large business houses, armed forces, academia, independent opinion makers, besides others.

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Gp.Capt Dr.Faisal Siddiqui

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