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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Air University-Aerospace and Aviation Campus, Kamra!

Computers and related technologies are more ubiquitous than ever before, and indispensable to many aspects of human prosperity and well-being. Since its inception, Computer Science has remained a dynamic and promising field with rapid expansion development over the years. As one of the most vibrant fields of study of the 20th century and beyond, computer science continues to provide opportunities for creativity and innovation. Moreover, the initial two decades of 21st century have witnessed unprecedented growth of the internet due to mobile phones and other wirelessly connected devices. Hence, companies and banks shifted their business online to provide better services to customers. However, the situation brings new challenges in terms of protection and security of digital assets against hackers and cybercrime.

The Department of Computer Science was established with a vision to provide quality education in the field of Computer Science and Cybersecurity. The department aims to provide a conducive environment that gives students the opportunity to develop a broad range of practical skills and understanding of modern technologies essential for survival and growth in such a dynamic field as computer science and cybersecurity. Therefore, our curricula reflect a balanced blend of strong theoretical foundation and relevant practical skills.

The curricula covered a wide range of courses to divulge in-depth knowledge and skill that groom our students for the challenges of today’s market and play a vital role in the development of the nation. Recently, the department has introduced Outcome-Based Education (OBE) as a more systematic and student-centered approach to learning.

Highly qualified, experienced and committed faculty is our core strength. Our diverse faculty has academic and research expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain technology, software engineering, information security, network security and digital forensics. The faculty strives to produce competent professionals who have sound knowledge, practical skills as well as moral values.

If you are looking to pursue your professional ambitions in the most exciting and dynamic discipline of human history, then the Department of Computer Science at Air University, Kamra is the right place for you to begin your journey.

I am excited and looking forward to welcome you to our new purpose-built campus with state-of-the-art classrooms, computing labs, hostel and sports facilities.

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Dr. Tufail Muhammad

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